Monday, March 16, 2009

Now in Video too!

First there was Just Plain Sense, the Podcast. Then there was this Blog of the same name...

And now, put your hands together please for Just Plain Sense the You Tube channel!

This isn't my first excursion into video. In 2004 I produced a detailed 20 minute DVD about the passage of the Gender Recognition Act and spent several months patiently duplicating a couple of hundred copies (one at a time) for anyone who emailed to request a copy.

Since that time I've not produced any more video. To be honest, I'm not yet sure how it will fit in with the Podcast and Blog.

Relatively speaking, audio Podcasts are far easier to produce than visually appealing videos – especially if you're working single handed, as I do.

Nevertheless, I'm always keen to innovate. For this project I've bought a tiny and exquisitely portable point and shoot camcorder called a Flip.

And, because point and shoot video isn't about complicated production values – fades, cut-aways, voiceover, L-shape edits and so forth – I figure that there could perhaps be a place for simple on-the-spot reportage.

So, we'll see...

For now, the Just Plain Sense video channel is really in test mode. And, because of that, I'm filming and uploading comedy poems of mine, rather than serious stuff, as I practice the steps involved in producing something half reasonable.

So please don't expect too much just yet. I'm experimenting.

But I do hope you enjoy the fun stuff.

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