Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shahnaz Ali Receives an OBE

Shahnaz Ali

My colleague Shahnaz Ali, the Director of Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights at NHS North West, has been awarded a much-deserved OBE in this year's Queen's New Years Honours list … for services to Equality and Diversity.

Shahnaz, who came to NHS North West in December 2007, has a long history of change leadership in Local Government and Health.

The full list of honours is available here [PDF].

Local Government and Health

Before coming to the North West Shahnaz was Senior Director of Local Authority and Wider Partnerships for South Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority and, before that, both Director of Education and Workforce Expansion and Director of Workforce Diversity for the South Yorkshire Workforce Development Confederation.

Previously, she was Director of HR Development for Community Health Sheffield NHS Trust and a Principal Health Officer for the London Borough of Newham.

Overall, she has had more than 25 years' experience of working in both statutory and voluntary sectors at local, regional and national levels.

Voluntary Sector

Shahnaz has also held many related voluntary sector board positions … becoming most recently a member of the board of the Lesbian and Gay Foundation in Manchester.

Her previous appointments include:

  • Regional Advisory Board member -Council for Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations (CEMVO)
  • Non-exec Director - Sheffield Futures
  • Founder member of the Black Community AIDS Team ( BCAT)
  • Chair and Founder of the Federation of Black Housing Organisations
  • Member of the Executive Committee for Newham Asian Womens Refuge
  • Management Committee member Leeds Federated Housing Association
  • Management Committee member Leeds Black Womens Refuge NCAB Executive Committee
  • Representative for BME staff NALGO. National Executive Committee

Strategic Leadership

On coming to NHS North West Shahnaz put into effect a strategic approach for driving up equality which I've written about previously.

I've had the great pleasure of working in partnership with Shahnaz, putting the ideas into effect as her programme manager. The outcomes include many 'firsts', including the creation of the most effective performance measurement approach for equality outcomes (EPIT); the development of the first national competency framework for professionalising equality leadership; the largest open access evidence database for informed policy making (HELP); a groundbreaking sustainable approach to professional stakeholder engagement; tools for developing GP care quality (Pride in Practice); and (most recently) a national framework for ensuring that the process of Medical Revalidation is operated fairly ('A Fair Route to Revalidation').

I recently made a film summarising these achievements and many more.

Brave activism

Shahnaz also has a notable history as an Asian rights activist when young … an involvement which I documented in this in-depth interview last year.


Michael Naquin said...

Congratulations to her then. One of the most challenging aspect of the housing campaigns is to get support. She exceeded the norm by being recognized for her efforts.

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