Monday, April 01, 2013

Equality and Health Inequalities at NHS England

NHS England E+HI

Organisation chart for the NHS England E&HI team as at 1st April 2013
NHS England is in full operation from today.
That makes it important to know how the Equality and Health Inequalities (E&HI) function is organised.
I haven't been able to put names to all of the functions yet. However, here is your cut out and keep guide to the organisation as it appears so far.
It is expected that the post of Head of Equality and Health Inequalities will be decided in the next 7-10 days. All indications are that the directors want a clinician in this post … possibly someone already earmarked from Public Health.
For the rest, I have some names but I can't reliably match them to posts yet, so I've left them off for now.
The lines in the diagram show the line management structure.
The seven senior managers are, so far as I can tell, all accountable to the two Directors.

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Christine Burns said...

Since publishing this chart I've received some helpful input on who is assigned to some of the senior management posts.

This information is based on what I am told by informants. E&OE.

The Workforce regional specialist post has apparently been awarded to Kate Milton.

Trish Pashley has been appointed to lead on Policy.

Tracy Grey takes Inclusion

If anyone has more information please let me know.