Friday, May 03, 2013

Understanding Male Health

Understanding Male Health (75 mins)
As I've explained before, one project we didn't have time to complete and launch before the closure of NHS North West and our equalities team was a new resource aimed at helping commissioners and primary care clinicians to tackle the health inequalities experienced by men and boys as a group.
And, as I explained last month, we undertook to complete this resource during April, in our own time.
Joint effort
The idea for this development began when we had talks with one of our strategic stakeholder partner organisations, the Men's Health Forum (MHF) last year.
The MHF were looking for some investment to support running a couple of events to educate NHS commissioners and primary care staff about one of society's greatest areas of health inequality … the shorter life expectancy and poorer health outcomes for men and boys.
Rather than simply fund a few isolated workshops we decided to make a film which MHF and others could use. It's another one of our legacy projects.
The film is now complete and MHF used it for the first time on 30th April, as part of a facilitated workshop.

They will be running educational events nationwide using the video as part of the overall package.

They will also be teaching GPs and CCG leaders about established best practice ideas for reaching out to men and boys.

But the video material could also be used on its own too, to encourage GPs (in particular) to think differently about how to reach men and boys.

Expert contributions

The 75 minute film includes some great contributions by MHF and European Men's Health Forum President, Professor Ian Banks; MHF Trustee and epidemiologist Professor Alan White; and former MHF Chief Executive, Peter Baker, who now works as an independent consultant in this field.

We hope it will be widely used.


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