Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Feast of Diverse History


Delegates to a Unison LGBT Conference in Brighton examine the LGBT Timeline Exhibition

Between 2008 and 2013 the NHS North West Strategic Health Authority's Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights Team developed three comprehensive educational resources, explaining the history of diverse groups.

An understanding of peoples' history is an important part of understanding a patient or employee's present. It informs the reasons why they may have different experiences or needs from your own.

Each history was developed as a mobile exhibition, an accompanying booklet (containing more detail) and a video.

Since the reorganisation of the NHS in April 2013 those resources have become harder to access.

The exhibitions are now in the care of the 5 Boroughs NHS Partnership Foundation Trust. To enquire about booking the exhibitions for conferences or other initiatives contact their Head of Equalities Dave Thompson MBE.

I have already recovered the BME, LGBT and Disability videos and made them available through Just Plain Sense.

And now, finally, I have been able to recover the three historical timeline texts and make them available here as PDFs, to view or download.

Simply click on the cover image below to access the corresponding document. Note that these documents are accessed via Google Drive. If your organisation's IT policy blocks access to this service then you will need to access the documents from another computer on a less restricted connection. Alternative Dropbox file download links are provided beneath each image in case of difficulties with Google Drive.

Disabled Timeline

 Alternative Dropbox download for Disability Timeline

LGBT Timeline

 Alternative Dropbox download for LGBT Timeline

BME Timeline

Alternative Dropbox download for BME Timeline


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