Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alternative Guide To The New NHS In England


The King's Fund, an independent charity working to improve health and health care in England, does a nice line in easy-to-understand multimedia explanations of complex detail

Back in April, they marked the largest reorganisation in the NHS's history with a very creative Prezi, whirling through the history of NHS reorganisations and the history of this one.

And this video provides another really helpful contribution, explaining the complicated way in which the components of the new NHS mesh together.

Ironically, of course, the simplified explanation in this short presentation merely serves to underline what a dogs breakfast the whole thing has now become.

… If that's not an insult to the culinary choices made by dogs


Anonymous said...

It's a pity they edited the Alternative Guide To The New NHS In England shortly after it was released though.

Their original version on vimeo was better.

Christine Burns MBE said...

Are you able to describe the way in which it was edited?

Anonymous said...

There was a politically incorrect joke about 15 seconds in to the effect that Coalition Government was not an option that was offered. Or would have been chosen.

It was quite funny really. Made me laugh.

Unknown said...

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