Friday, July 19, 2013

Two UK Gender Clinic Heads Make Clear Their Policy Position on ICD-11

Wylie Bouman Statement

"We are both of the opinion that the diagnosis of transsexualism (F64.0) should be removed from the mental health chapter of the forthcoming ICD-11 and that the terminology which describes this condition should be changed to gender dypshoria or gender incongruence, or another more neutral term. "

That is the clear policy position being expressed by the clinical heads of two of England's Gender Identity Clinics, Kevan Wylie and Walter Bouman.

Professor Wylie heads the Porterbrook Clinic gender identity clinic in Sheffield and Dr Bouman heads the Nottingham service.

Their words come in a letter to a policy officer at the International Gay and Lesbian Assocation (ILGA), Sophie Aujean, who is gathering views from european clinical leaders on the revision of the International Classification of Diseases.

They add, "In order to ensure access to treatment and appropriate healthcare for trans people we support inclusion of this condition within the ICD-11, preferably in a separate chapter of sexual-related, gender identity-related and reproductive-related conditions."

This statement does not come as a surprise, since both Kevan Wylie and Walter Bouman have been closely involved with the consensus process being conducted by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. However, it is the first time any clinicians in England have committed their positions to paper quite so unequivocally.

This will add to expectations of a more than cosmetic change to the underlying precepts in the revised clinical protocols to be determined by the Gender Identity Services Clinical Reference Group, which will begin work shortly. If a broadening clinical consensus agrees with stakeholders that transgender experiences don't belong within mental health classification then it becomes really difficult to continue advocating ways of working which impose unusual conditions on patients seeking hormonal and surgical support to realise their identities.


HenryHall said...

The term gender "dypshoria" (or indeed any dypshoria) will be associated with mental health in perpetuity. The dangers of drifting into the French model are real.

The more neutral term is "Transsexual transgender journey" as was recognised by the European Parliament in 2011. Try it, that term grows on you.

Unknown said...

Why indeed is Transsexualism still being associated with any kind of "mental illness " when tests carried out in recent years by the medical profession on the development of brain tissue taken from deceased Transsexuals, have established clear evidence that this condition is not related at all to mental illness !

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

But it really isn't about a issue with one's core gender, rather it's about the outside, the sex/genitals. So should it not be sex or genital dypsporia?

Anonymous said...

The same bullshit everywhere... to be transsexual originally meant: one parts of sex do not match other parts. In the last 40 years psychology has made transsexual people invisible cause they said that transsexuality has something to do with gender. but it doesn't. when a girl is born with a penis it is not a boy with a gender problem.

it's disgusting how people in 2013 still can make transsexual people invisible...

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