Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A New Blog: Fanfare For The Uncommon Gran

Fanfare For The Uncommon Gran

Just Plain Sense is the main brand that I use for content mainly related to Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights.

Aside from the written content on this blog there is the Just Plain Sense Podcast, founded at around the same time in 2008, and the Just Plain Sense You Tube channel.

That's almost 200 blog articles and 90 Podcasts in the last five years.

Over that time, however, I have also added other blogs and Podcasts to express ideas that wouldn't really fit the 'Just Plain Sense' brand.

Fishing for Birds is a Podcast set up several years ago just to host readings of my poetry collection of the same name. One day I may publish the text of the poems as an eBook but, for now, they are performed online for your enjoyment.

Then there is this site's alter ego 'Just Plain Daft', which is a bit like The Onion or The Daily Mash, taking a satirical view on contemporary events or thinking. The format of articles under this masthead have evolved a bit since I began. Hopefully, in the process, they've become sharper. However, they are an acquired taste … not for everyone.

Recently I began to realise that that I had other ideas to express which wouldn't fit into any of these. They are the sort of thoughts which have impressed themselves on me as I contemplate the start of my seventh decade next year and wonder when to call myself 'retired'.

Fanfare For The Uncommon Gran is about approaching the enormous watershed of retirement when your life has been anything but ordinary. Like all new blogs I can't entirely predict which way this one will evolve. I write when I catch myself thinking about some aspect of life and have something to say. And that something may well evolve in the next few years as my own life and outlook changes.

I do hope you'll come along for the ride though.

And this isn't the end for Just Plain Sense. Just another fork in the road.


Lucy Melford said...

Good luck with the new blog!

I'm not however going to depart from the one-blog idea myself, because it seems to me that readers of one blog are not keen on taking a look at others by the same author, leaving them to wither and die if they are too much neglected. Hopefully that won't happen to you, though.


Ellie James said...
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