Making Equality Work

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MAKING EQUALITY WORK is a new e-Textbook, which is a mix of background facts and theory combined with the detailed description of how the authors set out to raise the measurable levels of equality outcomes for the NHS in North West England.

The text is written in an accessible style for a wide range of readers and contains many references to contemporary published work from both academics and public sector sources.

The five year programme of the Equality Team at NHS North West was cut short by the reorganisation resulting from Andrew Lansley's Health Act of 2012.

This means it was not possible to see the whole programme through. The last 18 months before organisations were abolished and replaced was also disrupted by interim reorganisations.

Nevertheless, the authors show the degree of progress that could be measured objectively after the first 18 months, using a combination of evidence-based planning, targeted tools, skills and leadership development, and tough
objective measurement of outcomes.

Two parts

The book is in part, therefore, a programme review. We describe in detail our rationale: not only what we did but (more importantly) why we did it that way and how we think about it in hindsight.

But this is also an instructive text book for those trying to make sense of how Britain's diversity became progressively more visible during the 20th Century and how a legislative and professional framework evolved to meet it.

How did aspects of our diversity as a nation emerge? How is that related to the growth in public services and civil rights movements? Why is equality important? Why do attempts at it fail? What have people done outside the UK?

These and more questions are answered.

What they are saying

"This is a huge 'little' book. A text book that reads more like an engaging novel. Full of facts, statistics and testimony. A brilliantly researched book with a strong narrative outlining the context for equality in the NHS and why, despite considerable progress, equality matters more today than ever before. What you get is written by people with a passion and an expertise, who have got their hands dirty, detailing a candid, system wide case study highlighting approaches and successes but realistic about progress and lessons learnt."

— Dean Royles, Chief Executive of NHS Employers and Acting Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation

"...a must read for all those who work not just in healthcare but in other sectors too"

— Dr Kailash Chand OBE, Deputy Chair of the British Medical Association

"It is refreshing to see a book which gives the important background and context of equality laws. This book is important in making the equality laws understandable in Plain English."

— Linda Bellos OBE, Chair of the Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners

"This book provides a solid local, regional and national context to equalities and human rights in the UK and how and why they should be embedded into the work of public authorities. It is a refreshing reflection on real life experiences of equality work in the last 7 years of the NHS. Any due diligence in building new health and social care systems should pay regard to the lessons of the past. This book offers many of them."

— Jackie Driver, Programme Head, Public Policy at the Equality and Human Rights Commission and Chair of Breakthrough UK

"MAKING EQUALITY WORK is essential reading for equality practitioners as well as senior management in the health sector and indeed beyond. In a refreshingly jargon-free way, the book shows how it is possible to work strategically to achieve positive change, against formidable obstacles, in a very large organisation where promoting equality was not always a priority."

— Peter Baker, Men’s Health Consultant

"...provides a model that has been shown to work on a large scale and presents it in a way that makes understanding it manageable. This is an essential textbook for those want to bring about real change in their organisations, and provides a roadmap to enable this."

— Sîan Payne, Director of Organisational Development at the Lesbian and Gay Foundation

" important and welcome publication, not just for the NHS but in any organisation or venture: it is not only a 'how to' book but also a 'why to' book. The 'why' is often the biggest barrier, and it is well tackled here."

— Lorraine Gradwell MBE, former Chief Executive of Breakthrough UK

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